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Hi! My name is Brandon Winckler. I am a professional Actor, Writer, and overall otherworldly talented individual located in Burbank, California. I've been working in Voice Over for several years. This includes Animation, Video Games, and Commercials. I also will be happy to pet any dog that walks in my path.  

I love acting and performing and I've been very blessed to take on some amazing roles over the past few years since I began acting in 2017.

Roles you may have heard me take on include -

  • Eugeo in Sword Art Online

  • Red in Pokemon Masters

  • Bede in Pokemon Twilight Wings

  • Enju in Fena: Pirate Princess

  • Masaya in Neo: The World Ends With You

  • Master Utsushi in Monster Hunter Rise.

  • So many more which you can find on IMDB!

You can follow Brandon on social media @BWincklerVA on Twitter!

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